The Battles in the Area of Kurukshetra

At Panipat, three different battles were fought at three different sites that were easy to tell apart. On the other hand, the whole city of Kurukshetra could be thought of as the place where the epic Mahabharata war happened. In fact, the name gives away the fact that there is a fight. Now, the whole 40-kos region is seen as holy, and there are many places in it that still have important religious and historical value. But instead of taking away this entire city's religious significance. It was clear that the government was helping to preserve and spread Kurukshetra's cultural heritage. "Those who die in Kurukshetra don't fall on earth, which means they won't be born again. There is a chance that the planet's constellations and stars will fall out of the sky. You have to go to this holy city, and "hotel homestay Kurukshetra" is the best place to stay there. It is Kurukshetra's best hotel.

Sonipat, Panipat, and Karnal are three cities you can get to from Delhi by taking the NH1, which is a fast, all-weather road. The only thing you need to watch out for is that the city exit is on the left (if coming from Delhi).

But from the point of view of the battle, it was clear that the fact that there was such a large water reservoir may have been one of the reasons Kurukshetra was chosen as the site of the fight, so that neither army would run out of water if the battle went on for a long time. After saying that, it was interesting to notice that we had forgotten what it was used for before. Instead, religious beliefs rule every part of culture today. Mass bathing ceremonies are held here every year on the holiday of Gita Jayanti and during solar eclipses.

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You should go to Kurukshetra because it has many beautiful places to see:

The Sthaneshwar Mahadev Mandir

More than 5,000 years have passed since the Shthaneshwar Mahadev Temple was built. This temple to the god Shiva is full of stories and facts about its past. Folklore says that Brahma put the first lingam of Lord Shiva here, so this temple was the first place where he was worshipped. This temple does a great job of celebrating Mahashivratri, which is a holiday for Lord Shiva. The Pandavas and Lord Krishna went to this temple to ask Lord Shiva for his blessing so that they could win the Mahabharata war. Tradition says that a trip to Kurukshetra wouldn't be complete without stopping at this shrine. People say that the holy water in a nearby pond on the temple grounds is very good for your health. In the middle of the pond is a huge blue Shiva statue sitting on a stone slab. People from nearby towns come to this temple to bathe in the water to heal themselves of different illnesses. King Ban's leprosy went away after he took a bath in this holy water. Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh lived here, so as a tribute to him, another Sikh temple was built close to this one. So come here and stay at the best hotel in Kurukshetra, which is the Hotel Home Stay, which is the nicest hotel.

The ancient Shiva Temple in Jyotisar

The first interesting thing to see was a sign at the ancient Shiva Temple that said it had seen all outside attacks and foreign invasions. It was proof that fighting had happened there. My first thought was, "How could the temple, tree, and location at Jyotisar stand up to the attack?" Ancient temples and the Bunyan Tree, which are thought to have seen the Gita and the Mahabharata fight, may have survived for a special reason. Another battleground that holds the answer is in the nearby city of Thenar (Sthaneswar).

On the road between Kurukshetra and Pehowa, about 4 kilometres from the Brahma Sarovar, is a place called "Jyotisar." This place is important to the discourse. There is a busy market full of colour and religious music.

Jyotisar's marble chariot

In 1924, the ruler of Darbhanga had a marble hotels in kurukshetra platform built around this tree. Recent scientific research has shown that the marble around the pond is hurting the trees by making it harder for them to absorb water and stopping Banyan tree branches from growing naturally. In 1967, the then-Shankaracharya of Kamakoti worked hard to build a marble chariot and a temple for Adi Shankaracharya.

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I was standing right in the middle of the battle that had happened at Jyotisar hundreds of years ago. There was no sign of regret about the war; instead, the atmosphere was calm, peaceful, and completely holy. People had forgotten that it was a battlefield, so it was clear that the famous battle of Kurukshetra's war cries had been replaced by religious feelings. On the Gita Jayanti holiday, there is a big religious event here every year, and the tourism office puts on a light and sound show every day. I went to Narkatari village to find out more about the fight that killed many people. There, I found a temple dedicated to Bheeshma, who was the great-grandfather of both the Kaurav and the Pandav. This was another place in the battle that was very important.

The Bheeshma temple

On the tenth day of the Mahabharta Battle, Bheeshma fell to his famous bed of arrows. It is said that Arjuna's arrow built the small water reservoir called "Bheeshma Kund" next to the temple to quench Bheeshma's thirst. Just recently, the reservoir was fixed up. The people who live there say that it will never run out of water, no matter how hot the summers get. No one knows how deep the water goes or where it comes from. Aside from being important in myths and religion, it was a visible sign of a battle that had happened on the battlefield. Soon after that, I found a second local legend carved into the wall of one of the smaller temples. It said that the war started and ended in Narkatari. Also, it was said that so much blood had been spilled by soldiers and princes that the entire surface of the earth had turned red. This gave the area the alternative name "region of Red soil." The story of the Battle of Kurukshetra told by word of mouth ended there. If you are going to Kurukshetra, you should definitely book a room at the amazing hotel called Home stay Kurukshetra. This is Kurukshetra's best hotel.

Indershma Kund

At the end of the 18-day battle, when their long-time enemy Duryodhana was killed, the Pandavas won. Now is the time for Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, to get even. She had said before that she wanted to wash Duryodhana's blood through her curly hair because he had put her down. In this city, the well where it is said to have happened is still there. People call the well "Pandav Draupadi well."

Well, Pandav Draupadi

The well was a long way below the surface and had square walls around it. To get close to the well, you have to go down a few steps. The writing on the wall says that Draupadi, the reincarnation of the goddess Mahakali, washed her hair at that well with Duryodhana's blood. If that's true, I was in the same place where the bloodiest battle happened.

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Draupadi's Well

Over time, other stories started to connect to that one. Some people think that while Lord Rama was in exile, he performed the Shraddh rites for his father. Even though no one knows how or why a temple to Lord Krishna was built where the well is, another story says that the queen at the time threw her nine-lakh necklace into the well to avoid being taken by Aurangzeb's army when he put a tax on religious activities during solar eclipses called the Jizyah tax. When Aurangzeb's forces later looked in the well, they found 13 more necklaces like these. The legend says that anyone who gives an anonymous gift to that well will get it back a thousand times over.

Everyone remembers the place and can point out where the battles took place, which I found out when I went to Kurukshetra to see them. As I said at the start, Kurukshetra was different from Panipat. People in Panipat are starting to forget what their military past was like. On the other hand, it was said that every place in Kurukshetra where a battle took place had become a place of worship. The most important parts of the city's battle history have been covered up by the religious fervor for which it is known today. God forbid, that place should never see another war.

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